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About Healthy Spaces

The showroom at Healthy Spaces is a unique concept that offers our clients innovative therapeutic modalities to experience in a private and serene environment. This is an opportunity to try before you buy products like the Infrared Sauna, Pulsed Magnetic Therapy (PEMF), Whole Body Vibration, Alkaline Ionized Water, and more.

Should you find after using these modalities that you experience more energy, better sleep and less pain, you may consider bringing them into your home or your business to use with your clients or patients.  We will assist you through the process of a lease or purchase and provide the kind of customer service that is all too rare these days.  We thoroughly research all our products and choose suppliers that stand behind their claims. We educate you on the benefits, train you in every aspect of usage and provide ongoing support via telephone, email and continuing education events.

Diane’s Journey

My passion for sharing these products comes from my journey through three decades of chronic pain. After injuring my back in a boating accident in 1980, pain became my constant companion. My search for relief occupied all my spare time. I spent lunch hours in the medical library at the Veterans Administration where I worked in Washington, D.C.  I visited some of the top doctors in their fields at the George Washington University Medical Center. While working on my master’s degree at that university, I studied the behavioral and cultural aspects of pain while learning techniques that were considered very “alternative” in the 1980’s. I traveled to five continents and learned how people got well without solely relying on drugs and doctors.

The products we offer at Healthy Spaces have their roots in this journey, which ultimately brought me to a place of living comfortably in my body. I have great empathy for my clients who travel this road and love educating them on the solutions we offer.

Diane Bays has a BS in Elementary Education. Her Masters in Public Administration is from George Washington University. She worked in Information Technology as the VA automated 172 hospitals across the nation.  She has combined her background in education and business to help her customers understand how to create a healthy home environment utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Mike Bays has a BS in Psychology and an MS in Health Care Administration from Trinity University. He was a VA Chief Operating Officer for the VA in West Los Angeles, Reno, Roseburg and Waco. Mike is a highly decorated combat Veteran from the Vietnam War who has had years of challenges following serious combat injuries. Many of the products and services offered at Healthy Spaces have been of benefit to him over the past 15 years and he enjoys sharing them. Mike provides much of the technical support, training and customer service for Healthy Spaces clients.


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