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iMRS PRIME System & Accessories

Below are the 5 brand new systems you can choose from, all featuring the new iMRS Prime, released in 2020.

To purchase or ask any questions, please call Diane at 503-655-3565

iMRS Prime Brochure 

iMRS Prime Accessories

Like the old iMRS, each package comes with the ability to make it a Set! The SETS add BOTH the Exagon Sense Biofeedback AND the Exagon Brain Light and Sound! Although you CAN buy each individually you save by bundling them together in a SET!

Experience even more 6-D wellness by turning your system into an even more complete set, by adding one of the following:


The iMRS Prime’s brand new Biofeedback device, includes:

  • Exagon Sense (Finger Interactive Monitor and Regulation Device)


The iMRS Prime’s brand new Light & Sound device, includes:

  • Goggles

  • Earbuds (Earphones)

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