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OMNIUM1 2.0 – Complete Set

Developed, engineered and designed in Switzerland the Omnium1 2.0 wellness system is running on the worldwide known and established Android platform. It can be also used as a regular tablet without any restrictions: Surfing the web via Wi-Fi, sending, receiving emails and complete access to the android app structure. The android version 8.1 Oreo is already preinstalled and serves as the user interface for all related applications.

OmniPad and OmniSpot are designed specifically for use On The Go and do offer all advantages of a stationary system, including built-in, non-insulated, solid copper coils. With the help of supplied Velcro straps, Omnium1 allows hands-free applications, for example, at the office, while watching TV, in the car, on the train, on the plane, during lunch, on the boat, in the motorhome, at the beach, in your back yard and at the sports field or arena – literally at almost every occasion!


Omnium1 2.0 Kit




D/A Converter 2.0

Android Software

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