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Pain Relief

Pain is broadly divided into two categories, chronic or acute.  Both can be life changing.  Acute pain is the result of a recent illness, injury or disease.  Chronic pain  persists over a period of months or years.  According to WebMD, people with chronic pain were too often dismissively told that their problem was “in their heads”. But in the last decade, a handful of dedicated researchers learned that chronic pain is not simply a symptom of something else — such as anxiety, depression or a need for attention — but a disease in its own right, one that can alter a person’s emotional, professional, and family life in profound and debilitating ways.  Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain and nearly half have trouble finding adequate relief.  Ongoing research is revealing the promise of new devices and alternative therapies emphasizing an all-encompassing mind/body approach.

This category was the genesis of Healthy Spaces in 2002.  Following an accident in 1980, owner Diane Bays suffered chronic back pain for more than two decades.  Her relentless pursuit of an answer that did not involve surgery or drugs led her to wellness technologies that are widely used in other parts of the world, but largely unknown in the US.  Diane is training for her second annual half-marathon walk/run as a result of regular use of these products and can empathize with her clients as she educates them on the options that Healthy Spaces offers:

These products are available to purchase for home use, and in some cases to rent for a trial period at home or for healthcare professionals in their clinics.  Visit our product pages for more detail but more importantly, contact us to schedule a complimentary demo session.

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