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What Makes Alkaline Ionized Water Better?

pH: Our water ionizer raises the pH of tap water from around 7 (neutral) to 9.5 (alkaline). Ionized alkaline water acts as a solvent on acidic waste (suce as fats, uric acid, cholesterol) stored in the body and dissolves it to be removed by the blood.

More Oxygen: Ionization splits the water molecule into H+ and OH- ions. By drinking the water with more alkaline, oxygen rich OH- ions, more oxygen is made available to enrich the blood. This can lead to an increase in one’s energy level while also promoting quicker healing.

Natural Antioxidant: Alkaline Water carries a negative electrical charge, making it a natural antioxidant, and this electrical charge helps destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi. The ionized OH- molecules have extra electrons that neutralize destructive free radicals circulating throughout the body and thus allow the natural healing processes of the body to predominate, while also slowing down the aging process and promoting health. Come in and we can show you!

Water Cluster size: Ionization cuts the size of the water molecular cluster in half. This means that Alkaline Water is “wetter”, has less surface tension, and can better penetrate the cellular membranes of the body, thus speeding new tissue building and waste removal. The smaller clusters also mean that alkaline ionized water is more hydrating, thus helping reduce wrinkles and keeping the skin supple and smooth.

Bio-available, Ionized Minerals: Ionization results in abundant alkaline minerals such as calcium in their ionized forms, and thus more bio-available, helping to “burn off” or metabolize fats and carbohydrates, thus helping to reduce weight.  Many of our customers have been delighted about this unexpected loss of weight after starting to drink the water.

Sustainability: If you use a Water Bar or own your own ionizer you are cutting down on the amount of plastic that is being strewn into our environment.

Watch the video below to learn the smartest way to buy a water ionizer:

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