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Sleep Wellness

One in five adults in the U.S. shows signs of chronic sleep deprivation.  Current research regularly links insufficient sleep to serious health problems including diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Lack of energy, mental focus and depression can be debilitating for people with chronic insomnia.

Another sleep problem is waking up day after day with aches and pains that can be associated with spending one-third of your life on a mattress without the proper support or reacting to toxic substances in a mattress which can cause allergies, particularly in children.  A sleep surface that is toxic-free, incorporating safe and healthy materials is a wise choice for both adults and children.

What is the opposite of sleep deprivation?  We call it “Sleep Wellness.” After all, it’s during sleep that we experience a significant amount of repair, recovery, immune system enhancement, cognition, learning and memory capability, gene regulation, appetite regulation, hormone production and cellular turnover.  Schedule your complimentary demo session today!

At Healthy Spaces, we offer the following technology to support sound sleep:

This product is available to purchase for home use, and in some cases to rent for a trial period at home or for healthcare professionals in their clinics.  Visit our product pages for more detail but more importantly, contact us to schedule a complimentary demo.

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