Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including, but not limited to, the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.

Dr. Frank Lipman, M.D., an integrative medicine specialist in New York says he is concerned about exposure to toxins, adding that a typical home has more than 1,000 of them, including cleaning chemicals, formaldehydes and paint.

There is reason for his concern. In its ongoing National Biomonitoring Program, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tests for select environmental chemicals in the urine and blood samples of United States residents. In its 2003-04 study, for example, it found concentrations of chemicals like the sunscreen agent benzophenone-3 and triclosan, a synthetic chemical in personal-care items and other products, in significant percentages of the more than 2,500 people tested.

There are many programs and protocols for detoxification and we recommend you check with your natural health practitioner before embarking on one.  Once you have chosen the program that is best for you, we can help you work out a series of appointments in our private studio.

A number of local practitioners refer their patients to us for support during their cleanse or detox. Using these therapeutic modalities will help to stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce the toxic load and help the body release the toxins more effectively and efficiently.

Healthy Spaces offers the following modalities to support your detoxification program:

These products are available to purchase for home use, and in some cases to rent for a trial period at home or for healthcare professionals in their clinics. Visit our product pages for more detail but more importantly, contact us to schedule a complimentary demo session.

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