iMRS PRIME – Expert System2021-06-15T23:12:24+00:00

iMRS PRIME Expert System

Comparable to the old iMRS Professional.

The Prime Expert Contains everything in the Prime Basic & Advanced PLUS it includes TWO NEW features.

First it contains a new and Improved iGUIDE which has now MORE protocols than before!

AND second the iMRS Prime Expert has a New Split Mode which Allows for 2 applicators to be used at once! Something old system could NOT do!


  • Prime Control Unit (w/ Connectorbox & Cable

  • Exagon Mat

  • Exagon Pad

  • Exagon Spot w/ Helmholtz Coil Configuration

  • High Intensity and 1-60 minute Timer

  • Fast Start Programs

  • New iGUIDE with over 300 Protocols

  • New Split Mode Software Upgrade that Allows User to use two applicators at once

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