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iMRS PRIME Basic System 

Comparable to the Old Wellfit.

iMRS Basic contains the full body mat (Exagon Mat), pillow (Exagon Pad), and the iMRS control unit.

The iMRS Basic includes the Connectorbox and 20-PIN Connector Cable. 

New full body mat called Exagon Mat. New Pillow pad called Exagon Pad.

Something new NOT found on the outgoing Wellfit is the ability to program to a higher intensity level (400 AND 1-60 minute). Something Wellfit did not have.

Also new is the IMRS quick starts which come on every unit.


  • Prime Control Unit (w/ Connectorbox & Cable

  • Exagon Mat

  • Exagon Pad

  • High Intensity and 1-60 minute Timer

  • Fast Start Programs

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