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Healthy Spaces iMRS/PEMF Rental Program

4-Week Rental: $400

Healthy Spaces offers a one-month rental program for the iMRS PEMF Professional System.

  • We will send you an instructional video, expanded written instructions and confirm a date for you to come to our studio for a training session when you pick up the PEMF mat and local applicators. 
  • The cost is $400 for four weeks, half of which will be applied towards an eventual purchase. You may pay by cash, check or credit card when you pick up the system.
  • The rental agreement is based on regular check-ins by phone or email where we will get your feedback, review your settings and answer your questions. We have found this to be key to your success.
  • Also key to your success is the consistent use of the iMRS. This includes two whole body mat sessions daily (8-16 min each time) and in addition, application of the smaller pillow pad and/or probe to local areas of your body.
  • Healthy Spaces can only offer this rental arrangement in the Portland, OR metro area.

Please call Diane at 503-310-6128 or email if you have any questions about our rental program.

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