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I am a psychotherapist in private practice since 1968. I am an expert in chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I am also schooled in numerous alternative modalities. Last fall I was introduced to the iMRS and have been successfully utilizing it for clients. The results have been remarkable. I feel like I am 46 years old (I am 73 + years) and my clients are healing more rapidly. The most exciting thing for me is the result for my 82 year old spouse. He has early vascular dementia and was beginning to become lethargic, and experienced low motivation and confused thinking.  Since December 2016, he has been using both the pad and mat daily. Both of us are amazed at the results. While there are not significant changes in his memory, he has 70 percent more life force, less confusion and his sense of humor has returned. He is participating in life joyfully. At first he was very resistant (conservative business man); now he faithfully uses the system daily. He exercises regularly and participates in the home and garden.

I have my husband back! He is now more like he was at 70 years of age. Yesterday, he actually fixed a computer issue which he has not done for years; in fact he could have cared less. Before dementia, he was always persevering when a mechanical issue was not functioning until he could resolve it. If his memory stays where it is now, we both will be joyful because now present to life, the family and friends.

Roberta Roth, LCSW

My colitis is gone, my vision has improved and my seizures have settled down considerably.  I am 82 years old and am using no prescription medication.

Rosie Cranston 

I feel stronger in my neck and lower back than ever before, thanks to the iMRS.  The deep, sharp pain in the right subscapularis region that has been a nemesis since my bike fall 20 years ago has completely disappeared.  I believe that iMRS was reaching and regenerating in areas I was not able to physically reach.  Now that I’ve experienced the iMRS for myself and my patients, I cannot see myself practicing without it.

Dr. Leif Choi 

I wanted to know more about PEMF and what it could do for me and my clients. I was immediately struck by how relaxed, authentic and nurturing Diane, her environment and her style was. I learned so much about PEMF in that first meeting, that was then capped off by my first session. I decided to rent a system for a month. Well, with the wonderful website, abundance of information and Diane as my guide, within a few sessions I found the perfect settings for myself and could feel the immediate benefit of using PEMF. I can clearly say that Diane, PEMF and the approach she takes makes a complete program anyone can benefit from, from the very first session. After each session I felt so relaxed and tuned in. After the 4 weeks was up, well I could feel the lasting benefits. Now as I move towards purchasing a system, I am excited to share with all I know that by meeting Diane and learning what she shares, everyone should experience her program for themselves. Thank you so much Diane for such a wonderful approach to natural healing, using PEMF.

Bo Rinaldi, Portland, Oregon 

PEMF has been the single biggest benefit to my practice in 10 years.  I think about using PEMF for chronic pain, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  However, a quick search of PubMed is enough to demonstrate that there are many other worth indications.

Dr. Travis Elliott 

My Parkinson symptoms have improved dramatically since using the iMRS daily for the past three months.  I no longer need naps, my tremors have slowed down and my energy level is great.

Fred Stickney

I fell down my stairs and spent a few days in the hospital due to a concussion.  I experienced dizziness for months to follow with periodic visits to a neurologist.  I started using the iMRS regularly and the dizziness completely disappeared and has not bothered me since.  I also find the mat relaxes me at night and helps me to sleep.  My daughter and granddaughter used the mat after catching the flu bug and it greatly helped in the recovery process.

Jan Stewart

I became persuaded by the benefit of the iMRS when my knee injury of one year resolved completely after 2.5 weeks of daily treatment.

Dr. Holly Zapf 

Many acute conditions responded very persuasively and powerfully to this device.  Back pain, inflammations, neuropathy in hands and feet, headaches, muscle spasm and a number of other acute conditions were very positively addressed.  My experience was that the more I used the device, the duration of my problem was reduced exponentially.

Michael Holligan

I need to order a travel case so I am not without my  mat!  I am pain free after years of arthritis.  I can make a fist, walk three miles a day and do my push ups again.

Carl Dehner, 82 years old

I can’t believe I am totally pain free only three days after running the Portland Marathon thanks to iMRS sessions the past two days following the marathon.  Greatest recovery tool ever!

Diane Brown

I am blown away by how much better I am sleeping since using the iMRS.  I have never been a “good sleeper,” even as a child.  When I hit my mid-40’s things started to worsen significantly.  I saw gradual improvements in sleep within a few days of using the iMRS.

Elaine Fawcett

I love this mat!  I’ve done a lot of things to help my upper back and this took it the rest of the way to feeling normal and pain-free in just three weeks.

Dr. Jacqueline Engel 

After 22 years of pain from Fibromyalgia, I have finally weaned myself off the Methadone.  Using the iMRS three times daily for a year and then twice daily for the past six months has made such a difference.  I can now take care of my grandson and enjoy gardening again.  This mat has changed my life.

Julie Byerly

I want to tell you about a therapy that has helped me tremendously and in many ways. It’s PEMF for short. PEMF has helped me with:

1. Pain – when I get back from a work out or tennis or gardening and I feel achy, I get on my PEMF mat (which is full-length) and get up feeling much better.
2. Arthritis – I use the PEMF pad (much smaller) for the arthritis for one of my little fingers which used to curve out. It is now straight. The knobs on my fingers are also noticeably smaller in size.
3. Energy – It increases my energy. I use the mat every morning.

Some other examples:

I cut the top of one finger and I was expecting to use a band aid for days to pull the wound together and stop the bleeding. But I went immediately and put my PEMF probe (a cyclinder about 6 ins. long and about the diameter of a niickel) up against the cut pressing the flap closed. I held it on for about 8 mins. and when I took it off the bleeding had stopped and the cut was sealed up. It stayed sealed up; I never had to get out a band aid.

Just last Sunday the rear door of my Prius station wagon got in a fight with my garage door and lost (my stupidity). I managed to tear the struts off the rear door so now the door was resting unclosed on the loose struts. I tried to lift the door to replace the struts. It was incredibly heavy and as I tried to adjust a strut, the door came crashing down on my right forearm. I thought I had crushed the bones and would pull out a stump with my hand and wrist dangling off. Somehow the bones held (my bone density is VG). Again I got my probe and held it on all sides of my forearm for about 20 mins. I cancelled tennis for the next day because I was sure I would not be able to play. However, I woke up the next day and, although it was sore, there was hardly any swelling and the area I expected to be dark black-and-blue was actually a pale shade of blue-gray. One day later, it’s normal color.

Frances Manning

I recently purchased a PEMF healing system from Healthy Spaces.for use in my home. I have chronic pain with herniated discs and have had surgery for a full blown ruptured disc. As a result , I have permanent nerve damage in my left leg and foot,causing night cramping and muscle spasms. I’ve tried so many treatments, of every modality, eastern and western medicine . I would get partial or temporary relief, only for the pain to return from the slightest of moves or situations. With PEMF technology, I can use it in my own home, on my own time, and in my robe,lol. I didn’t know how to use this new system and had to learn. Thank God for Diane Bays, her expertise, mixed with patience and kindness, were just what I needed. I now have what I need, when I have flair ups or new bumps and accidents. Thank you Healthy Spaces.

Beth Diaz, Miami, Florida

I’ve been a happy Healthy Spaces customer for 11 years. One major reason is Diane Bays. She researches and finds the best products to help people heal from physical pain. Diane deeply cares about her customers and gives each person 100%. She helps every one find the best modality to help them feel better. I highly recommend a visit to Healthy Spaces if you want to feel better, sleep better and reduce your pain. Diane lives in integrity and treats her customers with care and consciousness.

Linda Cahan, West Linn, Oregon

I checked out The Spa at Healthy Spaces and was delighted to find privacy, simplicity, quiet, beauty, and RELAXATION! The self-service spa is easy and allowed me to delve into myself, and quiet my mind while relaxing my body. I recommend – especially the chi machine, japanese foot bath, and infrared sauna. BTW, the WATER which the store sells is amazing. I have a high-quality filter at home and it doesn’t hold a candle to the alkaline-ionized water they sell. Feels like I’m truly getting hydrated.

Sanna Lee Solem, Milwaukie, Oregon

I fell down the stairs here at the house and had to spend a few days in the hospital due to a concussion. I experienced dizziness for months to follow with periodic visits to a neurologist. I was put on a low dose of Valium and was told for some unknown reason this may help. After Sherri purchased the mat, I started using it regularly and the dizziness completely disappeared and has not bothered me since. I also find the mat relaxes me at night and helps me to sleep. Sherri and Chehala have used the mat after catching the flu bug and it greatly helped in the recovery process.

Jan Stewart, Portland, Oregon

When I started researching PEMF it was to help my wife with chronic pain from Arthritis and other ongoing health issues. As I do with any new technology I approached PEMF with caution. Our first exposure to PEMF was with an MRS 2000 loaned to us by Dr Elliott.

For many years Colleen has had so much joint pain that it would often take her hours to get to sleep. Her traditional doctors were not able to help because she had problems with most of the meds normally used for her issues. Colleen’s first use was just before bed for 8 minutes at 10 intensity.  We were not expecting much the first time and wanted to start slowly.  To our surprise a few minutes after that first use Colleen was able to go to sleep without pain and that has been consistent since.  In addition, she has more energy and less fatigue.

My issues were different, I felt fatigue most of the time, brain fog, and low energy.  Probably the most frustrating issue was feeling so fatigued in the evening that I would fall asleep, then when I would go to bed I had trouble getting back to sleep.  When I shared those concerns with my doctor his response was that I am getting old (I will be 70 in September) and I just need to accept it.  Unfortunately, I did accept it for a number of years. Now, I use the three times a day.

Most of my fatigue is gone, the brain fog is gone, and energy levels are dramatically improved.

We are excited to see what the future will bring.

Duane Mattson

I view the PEMF device as an essential addition to my health “war chest”, I look to the Omnium to fill the electro-magnetic needs of the cells of my body; it is my own little mother earth.

Randal Magnuson

Over a year ago, I had neck surgery (just one of many) to fix my C5-C7 vertebrae.  Early on following the surgery I quickly discovered the aches and pains of having had one completely dissolved disc and the insertion of one metal plate and six screws.  I had lost range of motion in my neck.  I found it comfortable enough to sit up straight, but lying down was unbearable as my neck muscles cramped.

Not surprisingly, I found myself pushing my pain management doctor for help.  The result was medication for both night and day, including a prescribed sleeping aide, muscle relaxant, migraine pills and a total of 60 mg of Oxy-codeine daily.  Welcome to my new life.

In June of 2015 I made a trip to my visit my sister in Portland, Oregon.  Being a client of Diane’s, and knowing of my condition, she had made an appointment for me at Healthy Spaces in the hope that she could do something for me.  I really struggle with traveling, and usually have to up the dosages of my medications.  Diane had me try out the Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (MRS) mat.  I felt an instant calmness in my neck; and truly out of desperation -before even researching it any further- I told Diane to order me one immediately.

The first week, I would lay on the mat many times throughout the day whenever my neck began to feel “heavy” and disjointed.  It’s kind of weird, because when you lay on the mat it appears that nothing’s happening. It’s just nice to stretch out and rest. Within my second week, I was down to 30 mg of Oxy and just half of my usual day meds without any increase in pain.  I was really surprised and shocked because I had no other explanation besides my usage of the mat and my Botox treatments.

My routine was to try to get on the mat as soon as I rose in the morning, and have a second session before three in the afternoon.  After several months, I was able to cut my night meds in half as well.

After awhile, I got pretty comfortable and started skipping my treatments.  Even thoughts such as, “Who knows if it is really the mat?” helped me justify the lapse in routine.  I went about four days without any sessions, and I was shocked.  Without the sessions, my body felt disjointed and weakened, with my head and neck feeling heavy.  If I had any doubts before about the mat working, I don’t anymore.  The mat treatments have become a very stabilizing part of my day to help keep my body centered.

It has been 5 months now, and I am now completely off of the Oxy pain pills.  I can usually do Advil three times a day instead, with only half a dose of muscle relaxant.  I have stayed true to my routine, and am very pleased with the results.

Vickie C., Bay Area, California 

I feel like I have been let out of prison after 15 years of pain from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. The PEMF sessions have also given me tons of energy and I sleep so much better.

Carolyn Urban

After one session on the iMRS the persistent pain in my upper thigh went away. For months I couldn’t sit down without burning and numbness. A huge bonus was that I had the best sleep of my life that night!

Linda Larivee, Tigard

I’ve had chronic insomnia for over forty years. I tried every medication, exercise and concoction known to man. A friend told me about the Dr. Oz show and we tried the Magnetic Resonance System at Healthy Spaces. It was so effective that we purchased one for our home and for the first time in forty years I’m sleeping eight hours a night with no side effects or grogginess. It’s changed my life! I’m living proof that with this therapy life can be what it was intended to be. Try it – you have nothing to lose but sleepless nights!

Debbie Lord, Portland

With Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (MRS) all 75 trillion cells of the body can be stimulated into harmonic resonance. As a result the powerful capacity within the cell membrane increases and enables the cells to produce more energy which enhances the self-healing powers of the body.“Boosting the immune system with Magnetic Resonance Stimulation will result in activating the body’s own healing power.

Juergen Schmitt MD, Munich, Germany

I love my iMRS! I went kayaking for several hours last night. When I woke up this morning my right wrist was swollen, sore, and stiff. 8 minutes on the mat and 8 minutes with the probe and my wrist was back to normal and I was off to work! What a magnificent technology!

Top 5 things I love about my iMRS unit: I never go to bed in pain, it works better than a cup of coffee to energize me for the day, there are no side effects, when my daughter can’t sleep 8 minutes in the “magic carpet” puts her right out, seeing the joy on my friends faces when they try it for the first time.

Jennifer Nickell

What a relief it is! I have had hip muscle pain, due to hip replacement, that just would not go away with exercise/ therapy but would make exercise painful to do. I was told I may have to live with it. Having used PMF the muscle finally relaxed. I am able to lift my leg in exercises, walk up hill and go up and down the stairs without it acting up. It has been about two months and staying well. Its been a blessing. Thank you Diane & Mike for encouraging me to stick with it. If you are in pain, give PMF a try, better than taking pills.

Christina Romaniuk

My daughter had been having asthma symptoms since a trip to Sun River and may have slept on a bed where a cat had slept.I put her on the mat for one session and the congestion started clearing from her lungs that night. Now we’re keeping a log of the number of times she has to use her inhaler between treatments. She’s very excited about the possibility of not having to take steroids anymore for flare ups.

Barbara Hanson

Our cat Tiki has been given almost 2 extra years because of the alkaline water – and now the electromagnetic field therapy machine you recommended for my parents has made all the difference in their health and well being – they are pain-free for the first time in years:). Thank you so much! My frozen shoulder has been slowly warming up. The treatment for my shoulder reduced the ache that was bothering me. I want continue treatments to see what other positive benefits occur.

Carla Laurent

I have been using the iMRS for 4 months. The pain from my degenerative arthritis is gone, my range of motion has improved, and my energy level has increased. My sleep has been transformed! I purchased my own unit from Healthy Spaces 2 months ago and am now enjoying the my best health in more than a decade! Thanks, Diane, for working so hard to bring us this technology!

Jennifer Nickell, West Linn

Ionways Alkaline Ionized water is incredible! Six weeks on this water has accomplished effortlessly for me what I have been trying for in over thirty years. The number on my scale hasn’t been this low in at least twenty years and the associated health benefits have been miraculous too.

Laura Sanders

The alkaline water works great for my allergies! I’ve never felt better! Thanks for being so kind and helpful, Diane!

Laren Holst-Saul

I love it that you are now carrying Nature’s Sunshine products!!! I won’t have to drive so far to get them or pay for shipping. The spa has done wonders for me, hubby and I absolutely love it! Thanks so much!

Angela Hayworth Riley

Thanks for bringing alkaline water into our lives. It has helped with migraines, mood swings, arthritis, fatigue and even snoring, and that is just in our household! We want to let everyone know about this amazing water, and that they can buy it by the gallon at Healthy Spaces.

John Condon

Healthy Spaces & Diane Bays are at the forefront of providing consumers with the healthiest, toxin-free products to benefit everyone concerned about healthy living and healing. These efforts are a public service and deserve to be supported by anyone wanting to sustain both their own personal wellness and a cleaner future for the planet!

Randall Fitzgeraldauthor of “THE 100 YEAR LIE: How to Protect Yourself from the Chemicals That Are Destroying Your Health” and Co-Author Of: “Toxic Beauty: How to Protect Yourself from Dangerous Cosmetics and Personal Care Products.”

Thanks so much for your phone call last week inquiring about my sauna. I just love it. I try to use it every day but average 5 days a week most weeks. When you asked if it helped my aches and pains I was a bit puzzled because I never have any. After hanging up with you I started to think back to before I had the sauna and remembered I had a lot of them but they are only a memory now. My skin has never looked better and I have more energy then ever. I am so pleased that I went with infrared thermal system. Not only is it a beautiful piece of furniture, it is maintenance free. We did rearrange the placement of the unit and made it caddy corner in our room and it looks like it was made for the space.

Ruth P., Beaverton, OR

I want you to know what a wonderful investment my Cedrus Sauna has been and how much I have really appreciated all of the terrific help and personal care that I have received from the two of you at (Healthy Spaces)! My naturopath, who treats many cancer patients, encouraged me to start using a sauna as it has been shown to boost the immune system. Nothing has been as convenient and comfortable as using my own sauna at my own schedule, and with the stereo and light inside, I enjoy beautiful music while I read or relax. In addition to helping me overcome the cancer, whenever I start to come down with a cold, I sauna twice a day and I am over it in two days. Also what a difference in being able to breathe with a cold when I sauna! My purchase prompted my Naturopath to acquire her own sauna which she uses every day, and in addition, my son-in-law who is a chiropractor is planning to purchase one for his family and clients use. I recommend it to anyone who has any health issues or wishes to avoid any health issues! You have both gone far above what is considered great customer service and I thank you for it! Coming out to my home to assemble my sauna and also coming out to help me assemble my Aqua Pour water filter cheerfully and without charge are just a few examples of your wonderful service which I have greatly appreciated. You are always available to help me when I have questions and I highly recommend Healthy Spaces to all of my friends!

Linda Merrick, Portland, OR

We wanted to let you know how much we enjoy our sauna. We have had our sauna for a year now and have used it for relaxation, meditation and getting the deep cold winter chill out of our bones. By January and February the sauna’s wonderful, deep penetrating heat is like breaths of summer, making winter seem mild. Work can be very stressful at times. One night I had a very tight knot between my shoulder blades. I thought relaxing in bed would help. By 12:30am it was so bad I couldn’t rest. I got into the sauna and put my back close to the heater. After about 20 minutes of heat, stretching and rubbing, the knot relaxed. I thought I would have a stiff neck the next morning, but there was no soreness at all. Now I always stretch while in the sauna.I feel my cardio is stronger, my skin is softer and smoother, and my face has a younger, healthy glow. We conquered the nasty cold that has been going around everywhere. Bruce felt his first and got into the sauna a couple times a day over the weekend. He never wwweloped the cold. I didn’t feel mine until Monday morning when I got up and I didn’t have time to sauna until I got home. I used the sauna morning and night for a few days and never felt bad enough to take any medication. I could feel the cold was close at hand, but it never came on. Other people were off work for 2-3 days. If the grandkids come over with a cough or cold, they get in the sauna and it shortens the duration of their illness. We have checked other saunas at shows and different stores. We have never found one to equal our Cedrus sauna we got from you. The quality and appearance is great and looks good in our living room.

Jan and Bruce Pitner, Portland, OR

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