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I want you to know what a wonderful investment my Cedrus Sauna has been and how much I have really appreciated all of the terrific help and personal care that I have received from the two of you at (Healthy Spaces)! My naturopath, who treats many cancer patients, encouraged me to start using a sauna as it has been shown to boost the immune system. Nothing has been as convenient and comfortable as using my own sauna at my own schedule, and with the stereo and light inside, I enjoy beautiful music while I read or relax. In addition to helping me overcome the cancer, whenever I start to come down with a cold, I sauna twice a day and I am over it in two days. Also what a difference in being able to breathe with a cold when I sauna! My purchase prompted my Naturopath to acquire her own sauna which she uses every day, and in addition, my son-in-law who is a chiropractor is planning to purchase one for his family and clients use. I recommend it to anyone who has any health issues or wishes to avoid any health issues! You have both gone far above what is considered great customer service and I thank you for it! Coming out to my home to assemble my sauna and also coming out to help me assemble my Aqua Pour water filter cheerfully and without charge are just a few examples of your wonderful service which I have greatly appreciated. You are always available to help me when I have questions and I highly recommend Healthy Spaces to all of my friends!

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