Feel Like I am Getting Back to My True Self!

In less than a month of PEMF use I was able to have improved level of thyroid function, valided by my blood tests take 2 weeks before PEMF and again after 4 weeks of use.  I went from TSH above 5.3 (hypothyroid) down to a TSH level of 3(normal)  in those 4 weeks.  I wasn’t able to tolerate medication so I just did the PEMF and noticed I had a lot of detox reactions at first as my metabolic processes seemed to be stimulated.  I used the sensitive setting for 8 min twice daily and eventually increased the intensity as the detox symptoms lessened.  Now my energy level is 60 % better and I feel like I am just getting more back to my true self.  Thanks DIANE and IMRS for getting this amazing device into my hands!

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