I Am Now Completely Off Oxy Pain Pills

Over a year ago, I had neck surgery (just one of many) to fix my C5-C7 vertebrae.  Early on following the surgery I quickly discovered the aches and pains of having had one completely dissolved disc and the insertion of one metal plate and six screws.  I had lost range of motion in my neck.  I found it comfortable enough to sit up straight, but lying down was unbearable as my neck muscles cramped.

Not surprisingly, I found myself pushing my pain management doctor for help.  The result was medication for both night and day, including a prescribed sleeping aide, muscle relaxant, migraine pills and a total of 60 mg of Oxy-codeine daily.  Welcome to my new life.

In June of 2015 I made a trip to my visit my sister in Portland, Oregon.  Being a client of Diane’s, and knowing of my condition, she had made an appointment for me at Healthy Spaces in the hope that she could do something for me.  I really struggle with traveling, and usually have to up the dosages of my medications.  Diane had me try out the Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (MRS) mat.  I felt an instant calmness in my neck; and truly out of desperation -before even researching it any further- I told Diane to order me one immediately.

The first week, I would lay on the mat many times throughout the day whenever my neck began to feel “heavy” and disjointed.  It’s kind of weird, because when you lay on the mat it appears that nothing’s happening. It’s just nice to stretch out and rest. Within my second week, I was down to 30 mg of Oxy and just half of my usual day meds without any increase in pain.  I was really surprised and shocked because I had no other explanation besides my usage of the mat and my Botox treatments.

My routine was to try to get on the mat as soon as I rose in the morning, and have a second session before three in the afternoon.  After several months, I was able to cut my night meds in half as well.

After awhile, I got pretty comfortable and started skipping my treatments.  Even thoughts such as, “Who knows if it is really the mat?” helped me justify the lapse in routine.  I went about four days without any sessions, and I was shocked.  Without the sessions, my body felt disjointed and weakened, with my head and neck feeling heavy.  If I had any doubts before about the mat working, I don’t anymore.  The mat treatments have become a very stabilizing part of my day to help keep my body centered.

It has been 5 months now, and I am now completely off of the Oxy pain pills.  I can usually do Advil three times a day instead, with only half a dose of muscle relaxant.  I have stayed true to my routine, and am very pleased with the results.

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