Lasting Benefits

I wanted to know more about PEMF and what it could do for me and my clients. I was immediately struck by how relaxed, authentic and nurturing Diane, her environment and her style was. I learned so much about PEMF in that first meeting, that was then capped off by my first session. I decided to rent a system for a month. Well, with the wonderful website, abundance of information and Diane as my guide, within a few sessions I found the perfect settings for myself and could feel the immediate benefit of using PEMF. I can clearly say that Diane, PEMF and the approach she takes makes a complete program anyone can benefit from, from the very first session. After each session I felt so relaxed and tuned in. After the 4 weeks was up, well I could feel the lasting benefits. Now as I move towards purchasing a system, I am excited to share with all I know that by meeting Diane and learning what she shares, everyone should experience her program for themselves. Thank you so much Diane for such a wonderful approach to natural healing, using PEMF.

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