Participating in Life Joyfully

I am a psychotherapist in private practice since 1968. I am an expert in chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I am also schooled in numerous alternative modalities. Last fall I was introduced to the iMRS and have been successfully utilizing it for clients. The results have been remarkable. I feel like I am 46 years old (I am 73 + years) and my clients are healing more rapidly. The most exciting thing for me is the result for my 82 year old spouse. He has early vascular dementia and was beginning to become lethargic, and experienced low motivation and confused thinking.  Since December 2016, he has been using both the pad and mat daily. Both of us are amazed at the results. While there are not significant changes in his memory, he has 70 percent more life force, less confusion and his sense of humor has returned. He is participating in life joyfully. At first he was very resistant (conservative business man); now he faithfully uses the system daily. He exercises regularly and participates in the home and garden.

I have my husband back! He is now more like he was at 70 years of age. Yesterday, he actually fixed a computer issue which he has not done for years; in fact he could have cared less. Before dementia, he was always persevering when a mechanical issue was not functioning until he could resolve it. If his memory stays where it is now, we both will be joyful because now present to life, the family and friends.

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