Healing Like That Of A Child!

I recently fractured my patella,(knee cap), when I fell on some slippery tile. The orthopedic doctor put me in an immobilizer splint and instructed me not to bend my knee for the next four weeks with no weight bearing. I live in FL, and found this contraption to be extremely hot, nevertheless I tried to be as compliant as I could. I already owned an iMRS and was reminded to use the probe as much as possible. I started doing one hour sessions @ 200 intensity at least 3x day. At my four week check up with repeat X-ray, the Dr. couldn’t believe her eyes.  She explained to me that my healing was like that of a child, and had never seen anything like it in someone of my age, almost 62 years young. I told her about PEMF and that I had not really been that compliant with her recommended treatment. She then told me to keep on doing what I was doing, because it was so obviously working. I can’t wait to get back to work and to see what my X-rays look like in four more weeks. I am so grateful to know about iMRS/ PEMF TECHNOLOGY and I feel so blessed to own one.

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