Knowledgeable and Personable

I read for years how incredible FIR saunas were and when we finally decided to treat ourselves and get one I was so thrilled to find Diane Bays and Healthy Spaces. She is so knowledgeable and personable and helped us decide which model would be the best fit for us. We have loved our Clearlight® sauna, we have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. It has been one of the best investments in ourselves and our health that we have ever made. It proved invaluable for me after surgery, it has helped us fight oncoming colds and viruses, and provides muscle recovery. My husband loves it for stress relief and uses it multiple times a week. There is zero hard-sell at Healthy Spaces. Diane’s concern first and foremost is providing the best products possible to help everyone enjoy optimal health and that was the reason I purchased our sauna from her. 

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