I Can Use it in My Own Home, on My Own Time

I recently purchased a PEMF healing system from Healthy Spaces for use in my home. I have chronic pain with herniated discs and have had surgery for a full blown ruptured disc. As a result , I have permanent nerve damage in my left leg and foot causing night cramping and muscle spasms. I’ve tried so many treatments of every modality, eastern and western medicine. I would get partial or temporary relief, only for the pain to return from the slightest of moves or situations. With PEMF technology, I can use it in my own home, on my own time, and in my robe, lol. I didn’t know how to use this new system and had to learn. Thank God for Diane Bays, her expertise, mixed with patience and kindness, were just what I needed. I now have what I need, when I have flair ups or new bumps and accidents. Thank you Healthy Spaces.

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