PEMF Has Helped Me Tremendously

I want to tell you about a therapy that has helped me tremendously and in many ways. It’s PEMF for short. PEMF has helped me with:

1. Pain – when I get back from a work out or tennis or gardening and I feel achy, I get on my PEMF mat (which is full-length) and get up feeling much better.
2. Arthritis – I use the PEMF pad (much smaller) for the arthritis for one of my little fingers which used to curve out. It is now straight. The knobs on my fingers are also noticeably smaller in size.
3. Energy – It increases my energy. I use the mat every morning.

Some other examples:

I cut the top of one finger and I was expecting to use a band aid for days to pull the wound together and stop the bleeding. But I went immediately and put my PEMF probe (a cyclinder about 6 ins. long and about the diameter of a nickel) up against the cut pressing the flap closed. I held it on for about 8 mins. and when I took it off the bleeding had stopped and the cut was sealed up. It stayed sealed up; I never had to get out a band aid.

Just last Sunday the rear door of my Prius station wagon got in a fight with my garage door and lost (my stupidity). I managed to tear the struts off the rear door so now the door was resting unclosed on the loose struts. I tried to lift the door to replace the struts. It was incredibly heavy and as I tried to adjust a strut, the door came crashing down on my right forearm. I thought I had crushed the bones and would pull out a stump with my hand and wrist dangling off. Somehow the bones held (my bone density is VG). Again I got my probe and held it on all sides of my forearm for about 20 mins. I cancelled tennis for the next day because I was sure I would not be able to play. However, I woke up the next day and, although it was sore, there was hardly any swelling and the area I expected to be dark black-and-blue was actually a pale shade of blue-gray. One day later, it’s normal color.

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