Jacuzzi® Saunas are the Best, Including Construction and Guarantees!

Knowing I wanted one for my home, I researched infrared saunas until I was more confused at the end than at the beginning. There are cheap models on  Amazon, Wayfair, EBay, online middle-men holding themselves out as manufacturers, and other options. Then I discovered Diane Bays at Healthy Spaces, who carries the Jacuzzi® brand. Jacuzzi® had also done their research, looking for the best made and safest unit available upon which to put their corporate name.

I went with Diane Bays for three reasons. First, she is local and very accessible for training and advice, and could not be more accommodating. She is also a straight shooter who looks out for her customer’s best interests rather than simply making a sale. Second, the specs on the Jacuzzi® are the best, including construction and guarantees. Safety is an issue for the poorly made units coming out of China, so that was a major concern of mine. With Clearlight® specs, I got the peace of mind I was looking for. There are cheaper brands out there for sure, but I would never bring one of those into my home. Third, I gained peace of mind knowing Jacuzzi had also done their research and chose Clearlight® as their top choice.

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